What Is The Sustainable Diamond Certification Standard?

A growing trend in the diamond industry is providing customers with transparency with scientific proofof origin to build trust with consumers. Now consumers can know the precise details of their diamondwith the new sustainable diamond certification standard system.

This system ensures transparency for consumers in the market for a conflict-free diamond that is a common concern in the diamond industry. The new certificate system will issue a transparent, scientifically rigorous, multi-layered certified sustainability-rated diamond standard SCS-007 certificate for each stone according to Forbes.

Certifying diamonds in the past was a complicated process as tracing the origin of each stone was loosely recorded along with stones sourced through illegal means. This new system will impact the entire diamond industry, making it harder to market untraceable diamonds, derive from a conflict, environmentally damaging, or stones mined/processed by people who suffered human rights abuse,according to Forbes.

The growing sustainable trend is impacting the diamond industry. More consumers want to know exactly where and how diamonds are sourced for complete transparency while avoiding buying a diamond from unethical sources.

SCS Global Services created the new standard with the Executive Vice President Stanley Mathuram stating, “Our standard utilizes unique scientific provenance verification techniques and chemical profiling to document a natural diamond’s or lab-grown diamond’s point of origin. Our documentation also charts the diamond’s various environmental and social impacts as it is handled by dealers, cutters, polishers, designers, manufacturers, and retailers before purchase by the jewelry buyer.”

With the standards of the diamond industry shifting, a select group of globally influential retailers has collaborated with SCS to sell SCS-007 certified sustainability-rated diamonds according to Forbes. International brands offering an SCS-007 certificate for their stones include Fair Trade Jewelery Co.,Swarovski, and Brilliant Earth.

Each stone with an SCS-007 certificate can be applied to natural or lab-grown diamonds that are environmentally friendly compared to the traditional natural diamond. According to Forbes, the SCS-007also certifies the diamond was cut and polished or set into jewelry by employees working in humane and safe facilities while earning fair labor wages.

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