Transforming Trash Into Fuel

Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. has built a reputation in waste management but is becoming known for embarking on a perilous journey of transforming trash into fuel. Cielo is developing technology to turn waste into fuel for trucks and planes within their company.  

Cielo has a proprietary refining process transforming thrown-away organic materials, plastic, paper, and wood into kerosene, diesel, and naphtha at their nearly carbon-neutral plants over the last 16 years. Cielo utilizes this new technology at a demonstration facility consisting of a small tangle of pipes and vessels built over the years for a total investment of $80million.  

The Cielo demonstration facility can produce 1,000 liters of fuel an hour and plan to expand to double the output by this year. Cielo is also working on a prototype for future modular plants designed to produce 4,000liters an hour.   

The demonstration facility has tested this new refining process over the last two years, while Cielo plans to immediately build ten more of these facilities. Over the next five to seven years, Cielo’s expansion goal will build 40 facilities throughout North America.

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