The Stunning Fall Colors Of Telluride

There are many great destinations to visit across the country to take in the beautiful fall season. However, in terms of taking in the most vivid and bright fall colors, there may be no better place than the resort town of Telluride, Colorado to spend time in. The town is famous for many of it’s attractions and is a fantastic destination year-round, but there is something truly unique about Telluride in the fall. 

Telluride is a former mining town that was founded in 1878 during the gold rush and was named after the gold telluride minerals that were often found in the area. It lies tucked away in the San Juan Mountains in the southwest portion of the state. The town is perhaps best known for it being one of the top ski destinations in the country or even its vibrant art scene. However, one of the more underrated aspects of the town and its location, in general, is the vibrancy that can be found during fall. This is primarily due to the vast expanses of Aspen forests that sprawl across the region, and allow for visits to view quite the colorful sight during the months of September and October. 

If you want to see for yourself, there are several ways to take in the scenery. I would recommend driving the San Juan Skyway, an incredibly scenic road that winds through the area. On this drive, your elevation will vary drastically and you should be able to see all the incredible variations of the fall foliage. If you want even a closer view of the wilderness, an option could also be to take a guided 4×4 tour through the mountains. However you decide to take this in, one thing is for sure: a fall visit to Telluride, Colorado is a must! 

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