Sparkling Coffee Is A Gut-Friendly Caffeinated Alternative

Bored with your routine cup of coffee every morning? Why not try sparkling coffee for all its benefits? Sparkling coffee is a fizzy, refreshing coffee alternative typically made with carbonated water. Instead of your usual cream and sugar, it is infused with citrus. 

There are multiple ways to prepare sparkling coffee. Unbeknownst to most coffee drinkers, citrus compliments coffee quite well. According to Alissa Rumsey, a New York City-based dietitian, and author, sparkling coffee is commercially available from multiple brands and quite suitable for those who may find traditional coffee too bitter. 

Sparkling Coffee Is Gut-Friendly

Sparkling coffee may also offer more health benefits than your typical coffee. Firstly, carbonated water in the sparking coffee helps increase your water intake. Coffee is diuretic and can be dehydrating, but adding water helps you hydrate. 

Hydration is also crucial for gut health, and Rumsey says using carbonated mineral water is perhaps the best option as a digestive drink. The mineral content may also help maintain gut health. For example, sodium and magnesium-rich mineral water have been shown to help improve constipation possibly. 

Supporting your hydration, mineral intake, and gut health early in the morning is also a great way to start your day. It can help ensure your digestive system remains healthy throughout the day. 

Sparkling Coffee Also Benefits Your Heart

Mineral water sparkling coffee may also benefit heart health. Mineral water has shown a reduction in blood pressure with possible magnesium or calcium deficiencies. 

Add an orange slice, and you get a rich source of vitamin C, which is also an excellent antioxidant for better immune support. Moreover, the potassium and soluble fiber in the orange may benefit heart health, according to various studies. 

Rumsey says that oranges and other citrus fruits help raise HDL or good cholesterol and lower ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. The potassium content also helps improve blood pressure. Perhaps most interestingly, however, orange peels may be the only food source containing the antioxidant ‘hesperidin’, associated with optimal cardiovascular health. 

Rumsey says to extract the most benefits, you should add a splash of orange juice to your sparkling coffee. She also recommends experimenting with other citrus foods to increase nutrient intake. 

Save The Peel

Alternatively, you can also use the orange peel differently. Baking it may be a healthy option, especially if you want to experiment with different citrus options with your morning sparkling coffee. 

Baked orange peel can enhance digestion through improved digestive enzyme flow in the morning, according to Supernatural founder, herbalist, and holistic health practitioner Rachelle Robinett. She says it is easy to make; first, chop and peel a fresh orange. 

Place the peels in the oven and let them turn into chips at the lowest heat. Once they are crisp, add them to your sparkling coffee, or use them as garnish. Most importantly, you will use the entire orange and limit any food waste. 

Regardless of how you have your sparkling coffee, it is an incredibly refreshing and healthy alternative to your routine cup of coffee in the morning, and we highly recommend that you try it out. 

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