Productivity Starts With A Tidy Desk

Being productive at work can seem daunting while balancing a schedule but keeping a tidy desk will promote productivity at work. Keeping your desk tidy also helps maintain a clean office space that will be much appreciated by your co-workers. 

Start out by cutting down on paper documents and go digital so you’ll have less clutter to worry about while having a digital backup for anytime/anywhere access. If you must keep paper documents, try using an organizing system with file folder holders that are easy to access. One of the simplest ways to stay organized is keeping a color coordinated system so you can take a quick peek and find what you need. 

You already have some organization tools if you have a desk with drawers where you can store and sort everything you keep at your desk. Keep in mind that you don’t leave any snacks or drinks in your drawers to avoid problems with pests. 

After having a snack break at your desk, make sure you dispose of the remaining food and waste properly to prevent getting pesky pests. The last tip is never to finish the workday without a quick clean and organizing anything left on your desk so you’ll know exactly where everything is the following day.

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