Monica Lewinsky Producing Impeachment Tv Series

The name synonymous with the Clinton impeachment has transformed over the years, but Monica Lewinsky is reclaiming her name with her latest venture. Lewinsky landed her first producing deal with rebranded 20thTelevision under her appropriately named production company, Alt Ending.  

Lewinsky will be working on the final installment of the “American Crime Story” anthology series for season 3 as a hands-on producer for the upcoming “Impeachment: American Crime Story.” The anthology series features a different prolific crime story each season following the O.J. Simpson case in season 1 and the murder of Gianni Versace in season 2. Each season features anew cast and story, but one thing will continue in tradition: Ryan Murphy returning as director.  

The name changes in the title of the series to include ‘Impeachment’ will chronicle the events surrounding the first impeachment of a sitting President in over a century that enveloped the media for years. “Impeachment: American Crime Story” will feature a star-studded cast including Clive Owen(Bill Clinton), Sarah Paulson (Linda Tripp), Edie Falco (Hillary Clinton), and Beanie Feldstein starring as former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.  

Following her days out of the White House, Lewinsky successfully rebranded herself as a writer, speaker, and activist. The shift in Lewinsky’s reputation launched after being a contributing editor for her widely praised 2014 essay in Vanity Fair. Lewinsky recalled her personal experiences being the center of the 1998 media storm and detailed her struggle through the aftermath of the impeachment. 

 Lewinsky has shared her experience in other projects, including a 2015 Ted Talk ‘The Prince of Shame’, and she is also working on an upcoming HBO Max documentary, “15 Minutes of Shame,” as an executive producer.“15 Minutes of Shame” will explore the ‘public shaming epidemic’ in our culture that Lewinsky has experienced firsthand. The release date for “Impeachment: American Crime Story” is slated for September 7, 2021. 

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