Learning The Eight Dimensions Of Wellness

You may have heard of the term “wellness” which seems to be a broad concept but breaking down the meaning translates into an active process of being aware while making choices with the goal of having a fulfilling and happy life. Wellness is more than being free of illness but is an on going process of growth and change. 

There are eight dimensions of wellness that break down the common elements in finding what wellness means to you and your lifestyle. Each dimension is interconnected with the other dimensions as they are all equally important while pursuing optimal health. Learning how to maintain and improve each dimension by creating a balance between them all. 


For this aspect, you will learn how to understand your feelings, express them to people you trust, and maintain a positive outlook. It’s also important to maintain self-care, relaxation, stress reduction, and the development of inner resources. These factors will help you learn and grow from your experiences. 


Find surroundings that encourage good mental and physical health in a safe space. Being in a positive environment has a calming effect and environmental wellness-inspired us to live a lifestyle that is aware and respectful of our surroundings. 


Understanding your finances is one step towards overall lifestyle wellness as money plays a critical role in everyone’s life while not having enough can impact health and academic performance. The best approach for financial wellness is establishing good financial habits while planning for the future. 


One of the best ways to maintain optimal wellness is being a lifelong learner through expanding your knowledge by finding creative outlets to stimulate your mind and sense of curiosity. This will also help you to be open to new ideas, insights, and wisdom. You can participate in scholastic, cultural, and community activities. 


In your occupation, you can look for satisfaction from things you’re passionate about that can be a part of work, school, or volunteering. Try finding ways to engage in occupational endeavors and feel appreciation for the value in your contributions.  


 Reducing the risk of developing illnesses can start by increasing activity levels according to your abilities. Physical activities can help improve wellness, but other contributing factors include getting restful sleep at night, choosing healthy foods, and exploring the outdoors that will increase energy levels while reducing stress. 


A reliable support system and sense of belonging can help you navigate through difficult times. You can start becoming more social by trying to make at least one social connection daily, seeking advice from support groups or peers, and forming healthy friendships. 


Improving your connections to self, other beings, and nature will bring a peaceful balance to your life. To connect on a more spiritual level, disconnect from distractions and be mindful of your surroundings. This will also give you time to discover what beliefs and values are most important to you. 

Following these eight dimensions of wellness can help maintain or make small improvements that can benefit your overall health. The eight dimensions of wellness can lead to a better quality of life, and you can further your wellness goal by coordinating the best nutrition for your diet. 

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