Learn A New Language While Watching Netflix

Netflix might be great for entertaining and serve some educational value, thanks to Language Learning with Netflix (LLN). The language learning program is available through a Chrome extension on desktop devices that adds translation captions in various languages.  

Learning a language by watching Netflix is more effective and enjoyable for all ages with interactive tools to understand the pronunciation and meaning of certain words or phrases. The extension is easy to use by choosing a program in the language you want to learn and turn on the LLN button on the bottom control panel.  

While watching the video, you can pause and hover your mouse cursor over a word for a quick translation. You can also click on words to hear the pronunciation along with the definition, type of word, usage examples, and additional resource dictionary links.  

The LLN features a sidebar featuring all the subtitles and words in a program with the option to save words to study more later. LLN also utilizes keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation while watching, and the settings menu gives you options for shortcuts catered to your usage.  

Beginners are recommended to try the auto-pause feature that will automatically pause the playback at the end of every subtitle to have more time to digest the language translation. LLN is a free extension with general features, but they offer a subscription to access more functions to improve the learning experience. 

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