How To Make Your Instagram Posts Stand Out Against The Rest

Instagram is constantly reinventing itself to compete against social media giants like Snapchat. However, you can’t expect to stand out against your competitors if you don’t use Instagram’s nifty features.
Many influencers have difficulties achieving growth, primarily because they don’t know how boomerang features work? They also don’t understand Instagram Stories. In this blog post, we will share all the information you need to stand out from our competitors on Instagram, whether you are an individual, organization, or influencer. The information shared in this blog post will serve as a meaningful contribution to your growth. 

How to Make Creative Instagram Posts That Stand Out

Gone are the days when Instagram was only used for uploading pictures of your food. Now, this platform has become an amazing channel to promote your business or become an influencer overnight. Here are a few creative ways you can use Instagram posts to stand out. 

1. Use Instagram Slide Show

Instagram allows you to post more than one photo in a single upload. When you add multiple pictures, it becomes a slide show. The main reason people use slideshows is to show theirs before and after pictures. However, there are many ways to use this amazing feature. When a viewer sees one picture from your slide show and scrolls down, Instagram stores that viewer’s data; when your slide comes onto the screen of your viewers, Instagram will show the second picture from your slide show automatically to boost your engagement. So, make sure all pictures in the slideshow connect with each other. 

2. Tag Others in Your Story

Instagram stories are short temporary pictures or videos you can upload that are displayed on the top. Influencers often use stories as a promotional marketing tool. However, you can use them as a shout-out. Ask your friends to promote one of your most creative posts on their stories, and you will automatically gain new followers. 

3. Use Color Psychology

Color psychology plays a vital role in designing outstanding posts. When you choose a color, make sure it rhymes with your theme and content. If you post food pictures, share valuable information about healthy eating and nutrients. Use bright colors so that people are compelled to read your post. 

4. Ask Questions

Engaging with your followers is the best way to create Instagram posts that stand out. When you ask a question in your post, your followers would be inclined to answer in the comment; this will increase engagement and boost your post. 


Creating compelling Instagram posts requires command over graphic designing and human psychology. However, you don’t need to be an expert in these subjects. Just make sure your posts have a theme and a color scheme. Plus, try to include valuable information regarding your niche. These details will add more flair to your Instagram page, and you will stand out against your competitors.

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