How Goats Are Preventing Wildfires In Oakland

The state of California is preparing for fire season, and the city of Oakland is preparing with the help of their “favorite furry fire prevention specialists.” The Oakland Fire Department came up with an innovative idea to release 3,000 hungry goats to eat their way through dry grass that poses a threat to wildfires.  

The wildfires plaguing the state of California often start with high temperatures igniting dry grass that spreads throughout the surrounding area. The goats eating the dry grass will help to reduce the risk of wildfires by eliminating dry grass through a natural process.  

This project is a part of the Oakland Fire’s annual vegetation management program to prevent wildfires during fire season. Oakland Fire released the 3,000 goats in a vulnerable area with high-grown dry grass at King Estates Open Space Park (city-owned land).  

The goats will be grazing in Berkeley at the Grizzly Peak Open Space and along Highway 24 near the tunnel. Local officials attest this process is a cost-effective and environmentally safe way of reducing vegetation to prevent wildfires.

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