Brian Wilson Takes Fans Down Long Promised Road

Brian Wilson has built the reputation of being one of the greatest American artists founding the timeless pop group The Beach Boys. The new documentary “Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road” will feature a classically structured overview of Wilson’s career directed by Brent Wilson (no relation).  

The documentary features footage cutting back and forth between Wilson’s life now to The Beach Boys era as Wilson navigated living his personal life with the pressure of being a celebrity. Wilson worked with an editor of Rolling Stone magazine, Jason Fine, that met Wilson in the mid-’90swhile covering a feature story.  

The duo started hanging out together after meeting and developed a friendship that has lasted over the years. The documentary follows Wilson driving around with Fine talking about and listening to Wilson’s music while cruising around L.A. to locations pertinent to Wilson’s history.  

Wilson visits various places from his past that shape his history, including the location of “Surfin’ Safari” album cover at Paradise Cove, Wilson’s now demolished childhood home during the ‘60s and ‘70s in Hawthorne a frequented dining establishment Beverly Glen Deli. The documentary will truly revisit Wilson’s past and brings him back to places he hasn’t seen in years. 

In the early days of The Beach Boys, Wilson played the part of the happy pop star alongside his brothers, Al Jardine and Mike Love, but realized that there was something off with his personality as the years went by. Wilson struggled with mental health that took decades to be diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder as he would hear judgmental and aggressive voices in his head that can be seen on old footage.  

Though Wilson battled the negative voices in his head, he would also hear symphonies that influenced his remarkable music. The “Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road” documentary will provide insight in Wilson’s personal life while celebrating his achievements as one of the greatest American artists of all time. 

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