Body Types and How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Whether you’re someone who wants to be more in tune with their body or you’re starting a fitness journey, knowing your body type and being comfortable in it can help you feel happier. Regardless of your size, you can fit your lifestyle around it and be your best self. 

Why Body Types?

Body types can give a clue of a person’s metabolism and hormones. So whatever goals you set for yourself, be it health or sports, can be implemented in a way that suits you.
According to somatotype theory, there are three types. Endomorph body types usually have more fat and muscle and a slower metabolism and gain weight easily in the hips, thighs, lower belly. Mesomorph types have an athletic build, broad shoulders and can lose and gain weight easily. Ectomorph body types are thin, lean, and struggle with gaining weight due to a faster metabolism.
These descriptions are not always certain, but are there to help understand our body type and size. They are changeable through proper nutrition and exercise. A nutritionist or fitness coach can help you identify your body type and guide you on the lifestyle you wish to have. 

Loving Your Skin

There is no one ultimate body type or shape. No matter what you see in the fashion and beauty world, there is no standard body type. Just as not all flowers will look alike, not all bodies will either, and it’s better that way because who you are is unique.
Body image is how you see yourself. The way you see yourself is what matters the most, but you have to make sure the world does not taint this gaze. Here are two ways you can be comfortable in the skin you’re in: 

What Bothers You and Why?

We’re not born being uncomfortable with ourselves, but it is taught to us. Unlearning toxic thought sis perhaps the best part of growing up. But if something is affecting your health or giving you pain, such as skin diseases or diabetes, it is better to consult medical professionals for help and guidance. Taking care of yourself is self-love as you are trying to reduce the pain your body feels. 

Become More Intimate With Your Body

Whether looking at your naked self after a shower, memorizing your curves and edges, or applying lotion all over your body in the winter, you need to become aware of it. Remember, you have to look at yourself through your gaze as someone who truly loves you. 

No One Compares

No matter how much anyone tries, they can never be you. Who you are with your unique features and body is the only you in this world. There should be no comparisons because your skin is much more comfortable for you than any other body out there. And to truly feel comfortable in your skin, you need to fall in love every time you look at yourself, even when you’re tired and sad.

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